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My purpose is to help you embrace your authentic self through creativity, playfulness, and compassionate living. We can discover what makes you light up. You deserve the best.

Together we’ll practice compassion towards…


Spreading kindness throughout the world begins within. Let’s be mindful about the products we consume, how we talk to ourselves, as well as the way our everyday choices and activities affect our moods and overall well-being.


Our pets and their kin out in the wild don’t have a voice. Many seemingly innocent actions on our part, like buying certain cosmetics, clothing, and cleaning products may in fact be harmful to them. Hey, it’s okay if you still own makeup by companies that test on animals. If you like hanging out here, it’s because you want to change that, and you can find helpful information on this site.


We can thrive on this planet while finding success and fulfilling our purpose. It doesn’t have to happen at anyone else’s expense. Imagine spending more time with those you love, and working with like-minded individuals towards common goals. If the thought of having this kind of support excites you, you’ve come to the right place!

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