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I feel called to help you embrace your authentic self through creativity, playfulness, and compassionate living. We can discover what makes you light up. Together, we can bring that to the surface, because you’re a rockstar.

I want to encourage compassion towards…


I want to help you be kinder to yourself. This practice includes being mindful about the products that you consume, the way you talk about yourself, the way your everyday activities affect your chemistry, and more.


Certain creatures don’t have a voice, and many of us affect them through seemingly harmless actions. Hey, it’s okay if you still own makeup products by companies that test on animals. Something tells me you’re here because you want to change that. We can achieve that together.


I believe we can thrive on this planet without stomping on each other and that we can all make it. Yes, competition exists. No, we don’t have to be evil to get to the top. 

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