Invest in Yourself and See What Happens

What happens when you invest in yourself?

Imagine that you’re a glowing, unstoppable force of goodness. How about this? Let’s have a conversation with your enlightened self right now. Keep in mind, we are deliberately not using “perfect” to describe you in this moment. Let’s begin.

Smiling at co-workers that seem to be jaded and grumpy, opening doors for thankless strangers, posting quirky videos on YouTube despite the bullies–what’s usually so challenging or upsetting doesn’t have the same effect anymore. The little things that used to bother you all the time? You now acknowledge them, smirk, and then move forward even if you feel some sort of resistance. What’s different here? You have decided to rise above the things that used to limit you, including the things you normally would fear or avoid. You have chosen to invest in yourself, my friend.

So what are we really saying here? Because you practice authenticity everyday, which means you show up and stay true to yourself no matter the odds, you strengthen your muscles that lift your spirits when you have tripped and fallen. You prioritize taking care of your needs. You embrace learning how to deal with difficult situations that are against your values and beliefs (and without hurting anyone).

Does this mean you’ll never get bothered again, and you won’t have any more problems?

Not what I’m saying at all. When you invest in yourself, you have more time for more important matters. With the decision to be more devoted to your happiness, unnecessary affairs have a tougher time getting through your gates. You may see them on your radar, but how you deal with them has changed. You have created a space around and within you that consists of love, kindness, and other things you truly treasure. Because you’re taking care of yourself, you no longer find the need to create or invite a whirlwind of drama for the satisfaction of your subconscious. You are now a newly renovated space of investments. Or, perhaps, you are still under renovation–and that’s great! I think we all are, actually.

So, how was that? Did you imagine yourself as a force of goodness? If so, what does that look like? I think I saw myself as an orb when I tried this exercise. That, and I saw myself with wings and floated around with a wand. With that said, I cheer you on for taking the time to be kinder to yourself. You are super awesome, and you have a nice butt.

Have a lovely day!

Love, Anna
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