Letting Go of Who You Think You SHOULD Be

When you think you should be something else, you generate pressure. Letting go of all your expectations may just be one of the best things you can do.

What happens when you prioritize letting go of all the unrealistic ideas you have of yourself? Maybe you’ll become exactly who you are meant to be.

Let me tell you something… My parents raised me to always make sure I do well. On top of that, they told me that I also needed to put others before me. They didn’t directly tell me to be perfect or anything way too harsh. Instead, I punished myself every time I didn’t get an A on my report cards, just because they didn’t seem pleased. I thought I did everything right, but I still felt like I wasn’t good enough. Subliminally, this way of thinking convinces our brain that we are not worthy of love and belonging until we:

  • …ace our tests.
  • …get a job promotion.
  • …lose 25 pounds.
  • …look like Angelina Jolie.

In the previous years, I thought I needed to be a singer in this life. Yes, I can definitely hit notes and support myself when it comes to overall music production; however, if you ask me today what I want to do when I grow up… my first answer would no longer be “to sing.” For years, people continuously bombarded me with questions like, “When are you performing again? What’s new with your music?” Sure, I wouldn’t mind making a song if my soul felt like singing, but I recently became more cognizant of my actions and true desires. I realized that I was only trying to create music because people had this glamorous idea of me and I thought I needed to deliver music… or else.

Hold on… Or else what?

It doesn’t matter anymore. I woke up. I started to truly be honest with myself, and I felt that I wasn’t making music to have a good time anymore. With that said, I started letting go of all these ideas I had of myself. This isn’t just about me and my relationship with music and getting everything right, my friends. Whatever your story is, I hope this post serves as a reminder that you can free yourself from some sort of mental prison and be more relaxed with living.

As for my story, I decided that I just want to be happy – and I think that should be enough.

I’d like to ask you… What are you letting go today?

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