Happiness Cheat Sheet

Is there a cheat sheet for happiness?

I don’t think there is a cheat code or one correct answer to this question; instead, I think there are ways we can be resourceful and creative to be more joyful.

First of all, happiness means something different for each of us. Sure, we may have a general “umbrella” definition for it. Just a tiny example – we are likely going to be happier if we eat after being hungry for hours. That’s simply a need being taken care of, and we all have those needs. This doesn’t apply as much in areas that involve various interests, however. You might love sports and enjoy your time at bars, but you may notice that your friend just wants to go home to her puppies.

So… what can we do to be happy?

There is no one formula, but there are some methods that you can “copy-paste”¬†to whichever area in your life.

If you’re feeling stressed and/or overwhelmed, you can try:

  • Reducing the amount of workload you have.

  • Prioritizing your to-do list. Tackle the heaviest task the soonest.

  • Sleeping more. Seriously. Have you been sleeping enough?

  • Going outside. It’s possible you’ve been spending too much time on the computer, and your body is begging to be outside.

  • Exercising. This is one of many ways to clear your mind.

  • Waking up a little earlier if you feel like you’re always in a rush.

  • Cleaning your surroundings.

  • Hanging out with people who have exciting energy.

  • Staying away from those who seem to always have something negative to say.

Does that mean you’re automatically happier after following these steps? Not necessarily, but I truly hope that you find what you’re looking for. I believe happiness starts inside – with us. It takes work. It takes mindfulness.

You can do this! ūüôā

I’ll see you soon?

Love, Anna
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