Vulnerable in Gaming: The Dangers of Voice Chat

Do you feel vulnerable when you use voice chat in video games?

Warning: This content contains strong and potentially offensive language.

Once upon a time, I decided to play DayZ (a survival zombie game) with a few people. I recently died in the game, so I respawned with no possessions and got separated from my mates. Shortly after, I came across someone who was ready to shoot me. “Put your hands up,” he said, with a somber tone. I felt uneasy right away. I told him I just wanted to regroup with my friends and didn’t want any trouble in voice chat, revealing my sex at the same time. Surprised with my voice, he responded with: “You’re my bitch now.” At that moment, I felt vulnerable.

He tried to be friendly (by catcalling) at first, but because I showed a lack of interest in him, I believe he decided that my actions were hurting his ego. He continued harassing me, asking me where I was headed, and I refused to respond to him. I kept running away from him, and I suddenly didn’t hear his footsteps anymore… He didn’t stop following me, no. Instead, he threatened to kill me with his sniper rifle. He kept missing, which was great; unfortunately, he found me running by the water a few minutes later. I thought I had lost him, but this game has its way of reuniting prey and predator. I said, “You know what? Go ahead and kill me.”¬†Without hesitation, he brought out his handgun and said, “I’m gonna break your fucking legs.”

He apologized after breaking my character’s legs, and I could tell it’s because he was hoping to acquire some sugar from my lady perks, yet there was insincerity in his tone. I told him to go ahead and just kill my character, and this resulted to more F-bombs and hacking and slashing. He decided to leave me to bleed out instead of finishing the job. This reminds me of true and terrifiying stories that actually happen outside of video games.

I have decided to share this short story to possibly help others out there. Yes, DayZ is merely a game… but I feel that this sort of behavior may affect others terribly.

Should I stop gaming simply because of this individual? Nope. How about voice chat? Not going to stop using that service, either. I may have felt violated, but that’s not stopping me from doing things I enjoy. I find that it’s almost impossible to avoid toxic people completely, but we can make some adjustments by working on how we respond. ūüôā

I’d love to hear from you! Do you have similar experiences that you’d like to share? Please feel free to use the space in the comments below.

Thank you for reading, and I will see you soon!

Love, Anna
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