Why We Should Create

When did you last make time to create?

How about this: When did you last create something and didn’t expect immediate rewards (like money) as a result?

Real talk.

For many of us, we haven’t created out of playfulness and innocence since we were children. You’re probably thinking, “Oh, it’s because we’re adults now. It’s silly to waste time when you’re not getting paid to do art.” I understand if this is one of your responses. Many parents and authority figures told us as kids that our art will never get us anywhere. So, what happened? We believed them and just… stopped making magic.

Dreaming big is not the problem; instead, the issue revolves around being the harshest critics of ourselves. What we tend to be unaware of is that we are sending a signal to the brain that says, “I am not good enough” every time we feel like we’re not getting anywhere. Moreover, and dangerously, we feel good enough only when we see a bank deposit after working. For now, imagine creating and being free of this mental prison.

We do not have to link passion to finances or other entities involved with rewards, such as someone’s approval. It’s great when what you do pays you, yes, but it does not have to and we shouldn’t stop doing what makes us light up simply because of obvious reasons stated above and more. If you LOVE producing music, you can continue working elsewhere while doing that on the side. If that is where you are right now, you can still make this happen if you are willing. Still gotta put food on the table, right? But in any case, your soul is also hungry… and I think you know that, too. Hey, you’re probably exhausted after your day job… but if you stopped doing things that you truly loved, that could be detrimental to your soul.

Please be careful. But more importantly, please bring out your play tools and create. Dust off those spider webs and have so much fun!

Love, Anna
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