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Hi, I’m Anna! Lover of chocolate smoothies, video games, the arts, and fitness. Born in the Philippines and now a resident of the Bay Area in California. My professional background is in audiovisual and electronic communication, creatively infused with storytelling. Welcome to my site, where you can find posts that integrate both mindfulness and playfulness into your daily activities. Thank you for being here, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Relationships and Taking Chances Again

Is your past keeping you from trying again in the realm of relationships? Most of us have been heartbroken, right? Ex-partners may have [...]

Everyday Courage: An Interview with Twitch Streamer ShysLife

Broadcasting content on the Internet admits unwarranted criticism and comments. Twitch streamer ShysLife tells us why courage is your best friend in today's world. [...]

Happiness Cheat Sheet

Is there a cheat sheet for happiness? I don't think there is a cheat code or one correct answer to this question; instead, I [...]

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